VLF Install Series – flexible bass solutions

The VLF Install Series offers a comprehensive range of single- and dual-transducer subwoofers with a variety of form factors and outputs.

Prod Photo, Sub112

The Sub112 is the smallest model in Fulcrum’s line of single-driver subwoofers. The premium 12″ cone, 4″ voice coil transducer offers processed response down to 32Hz from a very compact enclosure, making it particularly attractive for high-SPL distributed foreground systems.

The Sub115 builds on the power of the Sub112 with a larger, 15″ cone and greater cabinet volume, offering response down to 30Hz with a significant advantage in maximum output.

The single transducer lineup is completed by the 18″ Sub118. Its 4″ voice coil driver offers response down to 25Hz and a further 3dB increase in output over that of the SB115.

Prod Photo, US208

The US208 and US212 mark the entry point into dual-transducer subwoofers. Both cabinets are extremely compact, allowing them to be built into very small apertures such as low stage risers or under seating. Both models offer similar tonality, with the US212 having a significant advantage in SPL output.

Prod Photo, Sub215-2

Sub215 and Sub218 offer dual 15″ and 18″ transducers respectively in an “oversquare” format, making them easy to install in a variety of situations where high output, cost-effective low frequency support is required.

Prod Photo, Sub218L

The Sub218L (low profile) or self-powered Sub218Lac offer a stunning level of VLF support down to 24Hz from a cabinet measuring less than 21″ high. This enables them to be used under low stage risers or even in multiples where conventional subwoofers simply would not fit.

Prod Photo, US221_Horz

The US221-4 and US221-2 offer gut-churning impact and musicality from an outstandingly compact enclosure. Both models offer the same dual 21″, 6″ voice coil configuration at a nominal 4 ohms in the case of the US221-4 and 2 ohms for the US221-2, allowing the user to choose the most economical and reliable solution for their particular situation.