V Series – “V” for “Versatile”

The Alcons V Series brings pro-ribbon technology to a series of versatile, multi-purpose point-source products.


The VR8 is a landmark product in the Alcons range, offering an 8″ woofer and RBN401 pro-ribbon HF driver in a compact, easy to handle package. VR8 combined with BF151 makes for a formidable system for a solo artist or acoustic group, with tremendous clarity and power.

The VR8 features asymmetric angles and a rotatable horn for maximum mounting flexibility, including use as a floor monitor.


VR12 builds on the performance of the VR8, moving up to a 12″ neodymium woofer and RBN601 pro-ribbon HF driver for greatly increased output.

The greater control afforded by the larger dimensions means that the VR12 is available in 6 variants:

  • Standard (VR12)
  • High Q with 60° horn (VR12/60)
  • Installation only (VR12i)
  • 60° Installation only (VR12/60i)
  • Floor monitor (VR12M)
  • High Q floor monitor (VR12/60M)

All models feature passive crossovers for economical operation in conjunction with a Sentinel Amplified Loudspeaker Controller, and are prewired for SignalIntegritySensing™.