TQ Install Series – the system designer’s toolbox

Prod Photo, GX1526

The GX Series from Fulcrum Acoustic is a range of 12″ and 15″ co-axial loudspeakers, each with a choice of dispersion patterns from 60°x45° through to 120°x60°.  The purpose of the GX series is to bring the directional consistency and crisp transient response of a co-axial design to a cabinet similar in size to conventional two-way designs. This approach allows for extended low frequency response from a relatively compact enclosure, making the GX series particularly suitable for more distributed foreground systems.

Prod Photo, CX1526

The CX Series take advantage of premium neodymium co-axial components to provide high output, excellent impulse response and superb off-axis consistency within a much more compact package than would be possible with a conventional two-way design. The vertically trapezoidal shape also facilitates mounting close to ceilings or under balconies without compromising venue aesthetics or sightlines. CX cabinets are available in 8″, 12″ and 15″ variants, with a choice of 4 dispersion patterns on the larger models.

Prod Photo, DX1595

The DX Series offers something very unique within the pro-audio market by using an asymmetrical crossover to maximise the tonal stability, pattern consistency and output from a dual woofer configuration. The result is a system with excellent pattern control and genuinely surprising low frequency capability from such a compact cabinet.

Prod Photo, AH65

The AH Series makes full use of Dave Gunness’s world-renowned horn design expertise to deliver precise pattern control down to 400Hz along with low frequency extension to below 80Hz. Crucially, this is delivered with enormous efficiency, meaning that the amplifier requirements are very modest compared to other systems claiming similar output levels. The clarity and fidelity of the AH Series cabinets make them equally at home in a high end nightclub or performance venue, or arrayed as part of a high performance stadium bowl system.

Prod Photo, RX599

The RX Series cabinets are the babies of the Fulcrum Acoustic product range, yet no compromises have been made, ensuring that the family sound quality and output to size ratio is maintained. RX cabinets use small-format horn-loaded compression drivers mounted co-axially with either a 5.25″ or 6.5″ low frequency section in order to deliver the highest output, control and fidelity from the smallest possible cabinet size. Engineering details abound in these products to enable the very smallest form factor while still maintaining ultimate performance.

Prod Photo, FX1295

The FX Series brings the combination of co-axial technology and TQ Processing to a portable floor monitor format. This allows for a low profile design, perfect for stage or television use, while providing high output, consistent coverage and superb separation within the mix for the performers on stage, allowing them to deliver their best results.

Many manufacturers have become very prescriptive over the electronics that may be used with their loudspeaker systems. Sometimes this is an economic decision – if someone is buying loudspeakers, the may as well buy amps from the same company – but many times this is with good reason – DSP processors all behave quite differently even with the same parameters manually entered. Also, with complex FIR coefficients, not all platforms have sufficient horsepower, even with today’s relatively fast and inexpensive microchips.

The team at Fulcrum have taken a slightly different approach to most. They have measured and developed optimised settings for many of the common DSP units on the market today. That can provide significant cost savings in large projects by allowing the bulk processing power of a venue’s DSP backbone to provide loudspeaker processing rather than requiring a separate outboard “loudspeaker controller.” Similarly, modern DSP-enabled amplifiers may be used, again bringing cost benefits, as well as the ability to route signals over modern digital formats such as Dante or AES.

Prod Photo, TQP-48_Two_View

Nevertheless, for applications where a standalone processor is required, to perform system alignment and to realise the many benefits of Temporal Equalization™, Fulcrum offers the TQP48 signal processor. This brings all the benefits of TQ, such as crisper stereo imaging, greater soundstage depth, increased separation of components in a complex mix, increased feedback resistance, improved arrayability and transitioning between cabinets and less listener fatigue at high SPL, to any system, no matter how small or large.