Smaart v8.1

Smaart v8.1 is the industry standard sound system and room acoustics measurement platform.

Smaart has always been the first choice for live sound engineers and acousticians due to its fine blend of cutting edge features and simple, uncluttered user interface.

However, Smaart v8.1 truly takes depth of functionality and speed of operation to the next level, by breaking away from a fixed single window GUI and moving to a much more flexible multi-tabbed, multi-window format, allowing the user to adapt the interface much more effectively to one or more personalised workflows. The new interface offers improved tablet and touchscreen functionality.

Specific workflow improvements include:

  • Better data handling, allowing faster and easier access to large collections of captured traces without hogging RAM without inactive traces.
  • Automatic device selection / configuration with automatic Spectrum measurement creation.
  • Input metering within the i/o dialogue, to easily identify incoming signals.
  • Creating Transfer Function now automatically creates contributing Spectrum measurements.
  • Measurements can be created on-the-fly from the main interface.
  • Tabbed wokspaces allows for pre-selection of configurations and views for specific processes, such as acoustical investigation, subwoofer alignment or SPL monitoring.
  • Multiple window capability, each with its own tabbed workspaces, allows for multiple “virtual” instances of Smaart to be run simultaneously. 
  • The new command bar builds on the concept of “Hot Keys,” making it easy to recall any of Smaart’s keyboard-based commands quickly from the display, which is especially useful for touchscreen operation.
  • Advanced metering now allows continuous simultaneous monitoring of all signal levels, along with parameters such as SPL and LEQ.
  • Integrated Smaart i-o gain and phantom power control directly within the Smaart v8.1 interface. This is especially useful for “set and forget” calibrated measurements, without having to worry whether someone has adjusted a pre-amp trim on your external mic interface.
  • The new Smaart to Smaart API allows two copies of Smaart v8.1 to act in a client / host relationship, allowing the measurement environment to be spread not just across multiple monitors, but also across multiple computers.


By popular demand, we’ve reinstated software sales from the UK website to cater for users who prefer to pay a known amount in GBP, and receive a VAT receipt. Both Smaart v8 and Smaart Di v2 are available in our online shop and we’ve also included a 10% discount on a Smaart i-o or any mics purchased at the same time.

For upgrades, we still recommend that you head over to and upgrade directly.

If you’re looking for multiple licences, educational partnerships, or you’re a trade customer looking to resell the product to end users, just get in touch and we’ll accommodate you with a special arrangement.

For accessories or training you’ll be able to find the details right here on this website. Accessories still ship directly from UK stock and of course, if you have questions about using the software, you can ask us directly, join one of our Facebook groups, head over to the support pages which contain plenty of high quality information or, if you’re still stuck, you can email the code writers directly at support (at)