Smaart accessories

As the saying goes, “Garbage In, Garbage Out,” and so a pristine signal path is of primary importance for making acoustical measurements, and that’s why we try to keep microphones and accessories in stock at all times.

Unless performing a bench measurement on electronic devices, a microphone is usually required somewhere in the system, and for this we offer two options.

iSEMcon-hb-bannerFirstly, we are delighted to be the sole distributor in the UK and Eire for the phenomenal iSEMcon microphone and calibrator range. These microphones, designed and built in Germany, offer a groundbreaking price : performance ratio. We can offer individual units or matched sets (up to 8 as standard, within a matching tolerance of +/- 0.5dB for frequency response and 1mV for sensitivity).



Rational RTA-420For more modest needs, we offer the Rational RTA-420 . This budget-friendly mic has an impressively flat response curve for its price. It features heavy steel construction, and is also available individually serialised with accompanying calibration files, making this an ideal starter mic or B rig mic for places where you might “lose” a more expensive device. The RTA-420 also makes multi-channel measurements a viable option for everyone. Do note that the RTA-420 is Pin 3 hot, so watch your polarity settings when taking those measurements!!

MICroCase_micsThe MICro Case keeps your investment safe from the elements providing shock, crush and moisture resistance (submersible up to 30m) for up to two microphones (each microphone up to approx 193mm length). The ABS plastic construction is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for carry-on luggage, and the air tight seal also helps protect your delicate measurement microphones from the pressure changes that occur during flight.

Perfect for Larger Measurement Mic'sThe Rational “Mic Bag” is badly named in some respects. It does what it says on the tin though, and provides a padded cocoon clad in backpack-grade water-resistant nylon for even the largest measurement mics (an Earthworks M30BX will fit just fine). However, it can also comfortably swallow an audio interface (such as a USB-Pre), any number of cameras and accessories, DI boxes, everything to everything adaptors…you get the picture. Thoughtfully, there’s a sewn-in loop for tethering, and a large silk-screened handwriting area so that you don’t have to guess what’s inside. Whoever thought a little bag could be so interesting?

Rational Noise Stick II – Phantom Powered Pink Noise GeneratorThe Rational  Noise Stick II™ is the latest generation of Rational’s phantom-powered pink noise generator. The Noise Stick II has one, and only one, purpose in life, and that’s to provide pink noise quickly and easily, without even needing batteries. Just plug the Noise StickII into an input that provides phantom power (12V-48V) and pink noise will come from your system. There isn’t even an on-off switch to worry about. If sound doesn’t come out, there’s a lovely blue LED to confirm that your Noise Stick II is seeing phantom power and thus, whether the problem is with your system input or further downstream.

Smaart I-O The Rational Acoustics Smaart i-o is just the perfect 2 x 2 USB interface for use with Smaart. Why? Firstly, the signal path is crystal clear, with measurement-grade A/D and D/A combined with high quality, actively balanced inputs. Secondly, the Smaart i-o functions directly inside of Smaart, with 50dB of pre-amp gain adjustable in 1dB steps directly from the main interface. This is truly invaluable for calibrated measurements, as anyone will know if they’ve ever had someone “helpfully” tweak your input gain part way through measuring something. Multiple Smaart i-os can be connected to create fully calibrated multi-channel measurement rig.

Please refer to our Downloads page for current Smaart UK pricing.