Reference Monitors

The RM Series offers a range of reference monitors for installation in recording studios (either freestanding or soffit-mounted) and reference-quality digital cinemas. The hallmark co-axial design with asymmetrical crossover into the additional low frequency driver ensures exceptional transparency and imaging along with extended low frequency headroom. The consistent pattern control also provides a broad sweet spot while minimising the negative effects of any room acoustic anomalies.  All models contain comprehensive monitoring and control features over Ethernet.


Prod Photo, RM22ac_Two_View


The RM28ac offers self-powered 3-way performance with on-board TQ Level 1 processing in a dual 8″ format.

The RM22ac boasts additional SPL and LF extension from a dual 12″ configuration and additional amplifier power.

The RM25ac extends low frequency response down to 24Hz for a truly full-range listening experience at all listening levels.