R Series – constant curvature without lobing

RR12-array-500x434The Alcons RR12 is an arrayable point source element, allowing tight-packed arrays to be constructed with minimal interference and lobing. The RR12 features the powerful RBN602rs pro ribbon driver alongside a custom-designed 12″ cone, 4″ voice coil, dual spider woofer.

With the cabinet oriented vertically, the coverage is 30° horizontally per unit and 60° vertically, which is split asymmetrically +20° / -40°.

Integral rigging makes for simple assembly of tight-packed arrays, whether oriented horizontally or vertically.

As with other Alcons products, the RR12 is powered and processed by the Sentinel Amplified Loudspeaker Controller, which incorporates SignalIntegritySensing™ to maintain fast and tight response and to ensure reliability under all conditions.

Array performance can be predicted using  Alcons Ribbon Calculator (ARC) software.