Q Series – Columns with true line source performance

The Q Series  of modular column speakers projects a narrow, precisely-defined “wedge” of sound over distance in acoustically difficult environments.


QR18/QR36 and QM18/QR36 are based around the dimensions of the 18″ RBN1801 pro-ribbon HF driver. This incredible transducer has a peak power handling of 3kW and delivers a spectacular transient response across its operating range.

Each RBN1801 is accompanied by a trio of premium 6.5″ woofers in the QR products. Line length may be increased for additional LF control by using QM18 (triple 6.5″) or QM36 (6 x 6.5″) low-mid units, which maintain an identical form factor but do not have high frequency drivers.

QR models are available with a choice of 90° or 120° horizontal dispersion.


The QR24 uses a quartet of 6.5″ mounted co-axially behind a pair of 12″ RBN1203 pro-ribbon drivers for superb transient response and compact footprint. QM24 may optionally be used to increase line length in the lower frequencies to allow pattern control matching that of the higher frequencies.

Power, processing and SignalIntegritySensing is provided by the Sentinel Amplified Loudspeaker Controller.


Any of the QR / QM systems can be augmented in the lowest frequencies by the triple 12″ QB363, allowing for the construction of large arrays to provide control, power and projection across the full audio spectrum.