LinearRay Series – innovative and economical

The FL283 and FLS115 mark Fulcrum Acoustic’s first entry into line array products. Both products feature Fulcrum’s Passive Cardioid Technology™ which overcomes one of the major challenges of most line array systems – excessive LF radiation on stage.

Unlike other manufacturers’ attempts to address this issue, Fulcrum’s solution requires no additional cabinet volume, no additional drivers and no additional amplifier channels, making it easily the most cost-effective solution on the market.

The passive cardioid technology works via a meticulously designed acoustical circuit which balances the horn loading of the low frequency drivers, the enclosure depth and volume, and specially-constructed rear ports which include a calibrated resistive element. The choice of a subcardioid rather than cardioid or hypercardioid increases the rejection further when the modules are deployed in a (typical) curved array.

Prod Photo, FL283

The FL283 incorporates high performance horn-loaded dual 8″ woofers and 3 x 1.4″ exit compression drivers. Each cabinet offers up a fully passive 16 ohm load (500W) meaning that up to 8 cabinets can be driven by a single channel of a suitably powerful amplifier. Up to 12 modules may be suspended with 10:1 design factor, and the system can accommodate up to 20° of vertical splay between modules, which all adds up to an extremely versatile and economical system to deploy.

Prod Photo, FLS115

The FLS115 is a subcardioid flyable subwoofer featuring a single high power 15″ direct-radiating subwoofer in a compact enclosure. The FLS115 weighs in at just 25.6kg, meaning that up to 12 modules can be flown with a 10:1 design factor, and like the FL283, the cabinet can be splayed up to 20° to maximise versatility and accuracy in deployment. Mixed arrays of FL283 / FLS115 can be created without the need for additional adaptor frames.