L Series – Line array systems

The Alcons L Series is a testament to the advantages of pro-ribbon technology. Rather than needing to use contorted horn geometry to create a “line source,” the planar Alcons driver does this naturally, creating a dynamic and open transient that just cannot be heard in other systems. When coupled with the Alcons Sentinel amplifiers with their audiophile-grade reproduction and Signal Integrity Sensing™, the Alcons L Series presents such a compelling argument that creating a line array any other way just seems fundamentally “wrong.” 


The LR7 micro line array module is truly tiny, standing only 17cm tall and weighing in at a mere 8kg. Even so, the LR7 should definitely not be written off as a “speech only” or “background music” system. The LF extension of 74Hz (-3dB) from its premium single 6.5″ woofer and RBN401 pro-ribbon HF driver, along with the option of a matching 12″ subwoofer (LR7B), make the LR7 into a genuinely “grown up” performer. Moreover, the extremely light weight opens up opportunities that simply don’t exist with other systems, such as forming a viable line length from almost any flying point, or mounting up to 5 pieces on a standard 50kg-rated speaker stand for real line array performance from a simple “speaker on a stick” configuration.


The LR14 builds on the solid performance of the LR7 with the addition of a second 6.5″ woofer, giving additional headroom in the low frequency range and allowing for higher overall system SPL. The LR14 can be specified either in 90° or 120° variants, and both models may be combined within the same array, along with the matching dual-bandpass LR14B with its dual 12″ long excursion neodymium drivers.


The LR16 system offers a noticeable step up from the LF14, offering a combination of dual 8″ LF drivers and an RBN601 pro-ribbon HF driver for high SPL with low distortion. The 92% frontal radiation area of the waveguide delivers an exceptionally coherent wavefront, meaning that the LR16 system can scale easily from a small club system up to a small outdoor festival or arena. The lowest frequencies can be reinforced by the dual-bandpass LR16B double 15″ subwoofer that can be flown as part of the same array as the LR16, or the system can be reinforced by one of the other Alcons subwoofers such as the BF362, BC543 or BQ211.

Alcons-LR18-500x218LR18 is the newest addition to the Alcons range, and offers a new level of performance for this price / size category. With peak power handling of 1500W, the RBN702 pro-ribbon HF driver (based on the brand new 02-series platform) provides exceptional clarity and projection. This pristine HF power is supported by dual 6.5″ neodymium midrange devices and a pair of 8″ woofers with oversized 3″ voice coil neodymium motor structure, providing new levels of performance from an 8″ chassis. The array may be extended with LB18 double 8″ bass cabinets to extend the low frequency control and projection, and up to 24 LR18 cabinets may be suspended with a 10:1 safety factor.

Alcons-LR28-hi-res-500x250The LR28 represents the pinnacle of modern large format line array technology. Rather than requiring complex “horn plumbing” to achieve line source behaviour, the LR28 uses a state of the art 14″ pro-ribbon HF transducer with peak power handling of 3kW to deliver unrivalled clarity even in the largest applications. The pro ribbon is supported by a symmetrical array of quad slot-loaded neodymium 6.5″ midrange transducers and a pair of custom 14″ woofers which feature a reinforced cone and large voice coil neodymium motor structure to minimise any power compression effects. LB28 low frequency extension modules can be used to extend the line at lower frequencies to maintain pattern control and increase LF impact at distance, and the system can be underpinned by any of the larger Alcons subwoofers such as BC543 or BQ211 to provide high level sub-bass reinforcement. All system functions are of course controlled and monitored by the Alcons ALC Sentinel amplifiers.