Fulcrum Acoustic


Fulcrum Acoustic was formed in 2008 by industry veterans David Gunness and Stephen Siegel.

Based near Boston, Massachusetts, Gunness is renowned throughout the industry for his contribution to loudspeaker and DSP design.

Specifically, rather than using DSP to “fix” loudspeaker problems, Fulcrum products are designed from the ground up with advanced DSP algorithms as an integral part of the design process, leading to a range of products that has exceptionally clean transient response and pattern control.

The combination of intelligent crossover design, complex DSP algorithms and predominantly co-axial design has created a series of products that offer high output from compact enclosures, and tonality that’s as accurate off-axis as it is in the sweet spot.

Fulcrum have also developed factory-verified processor settings for a wide variety of DSP and amplification platforms, making them easy and cost-effective to integrate into  a wide variety of applications.

The bottom line: Fulcrum Acoustic has taken the point source philosophy to new levels of sophistication. It has always been acknowledged that the ideal number of sources is one, but in the real world, that comes at the expense of bandwidth and SPL. With Fulcrum Acoustic, you don’t have to make any compromises. Let us show you how Fulcrum Acoustic can improve your sound.

Fulcrum Acoustic products are designed and built in the USA.

Products include:

The TQ Install Series: A comprehensive range of co-axial loudspeakers designed for use with Fulcrum’s proprietary TQ processing. The TQ Install series starts with the tiny 5.25″ RX599, and progresses through GX (ceramic-magnet  co-axial drivers with slightly larger cabinet volume for extended low frequency in distributed systems), CX (ultra-compact high-output cabinets with neodymium co-axial drivers), DX (with all the benefits of CX plus an additional woofer for additional low frequency impact, all within a cabinet size similar to that of a conventional two-way system) and AH series which brings high fidelity and unsurpassed pattern control to a stadium-class system. Additional utility is brought to the TQ Install series by the FX series of co-axial floor monitors and the TQP48 processor, which offers Fulcrum’s FIR-based Level 1 Temporal Equalisation (TQ) in a standalone 4×8 DSP unit. All TQ loudspeaker products are available in a choice of dispersions, and in a typical example of Fulcrum ingenuity, horns are rotatable in 45 degree increments, allowing for more accurate matching to the room geometry than would normally be possible.

The VLF Install Series: As the name suggests, the VLF series brings increased low frequency support to TQ Install and Prophile series systems. The range includes models from compact 8″- and 12″ based units, and extends to earth-shattering dual 21″ / 6″ voice coil units, which still retain a surprisingly compact and venue-friendly form factor.

The Prophile Series: Prophile loudspeakers are designed specifically for the needs of high-energy nightclubs, and can be integrated into a large range of interior decors, including options for soffit-mounting. The Prophile range uses Fulcrum’s TQ processing combined with state of the art trandsucers to provide visceral impact and studio-level transient response from surprisingly compact enclosures. Prophile cabinets are also optimised for “focused” audio at relatively close distances, unlike many other high-output designs which have physically separated low, mid and high frequency sections.

The FA Portable Series: A versatile range of full-range and subwoofer enclosures from dual 8″ (co-axial) up to dual 21″ subwoofer. Many models are self-powered using industry-standard Powersoft amplification and DSP on-board. Voicing can be quickly configured from the back panel, or more intricate adjustment can be made over ethernet. Cabinets are compact and lightweight given the level of performance on offer.

The Linearray Series: Fulcrum Acoustic recently entered the line array market, but typically for Fulcrum, a “me too” product would never pass muster. Hence, the FL283 boasts a number of unique features which make it a joy to use and an absolute paragon of versatility and value. The FL283 offers an unusually large 20 degree maximum splay between enclosures, helping to minimise the number of enclosures required for a given coverage while still allowing sufficient power for distances up to around 50m. Each module can be powered from a single amplifier channel (500W @ 16 ohms) allowing 4 cabinets to be driven from a typical modern amplifier at 4 ohms, and yet the system still manages to address one of the major challenges of most line arrays: excessive rear LF radiation. The FL283 does this by using painstakingly-devised passive acoustical cancellation circuit meaning that a subcardioid pattern is generated without requiring any additional amplifier channels.

Reference Monitors: The audio quality of TQ Level 1 processing is such that it can easily be adapted to a studio monitor application. The Fulcrum Acoustic RM series comprises 3 models from dual 8″ to dual 15″. Each is a 3-way, self-powered co-axial design that can be mounted in free space, soffit-mounted, or hidden behind a screen. The impressive neutrality, textbook off-axis response and inherent pattern control are particularly beneficial attributes in control rooms where the acoustic treatment still leaves some residue of “the room.”