FA Portable Series – versatile all-rounders

The FA Portable Series takes the familiar Fulcrum advantages of sonic transparency, pristine transient response and pattern control, and squeezes them into a versatile package that can be used in a multitude of applications. While a broad range of mounting options allows for permanent or semi-permanent installation into a venue, cabinets also feature pole mount fittings as well as multi-angle full range cabinets for use either as a main system or as a floor monitor, maximising the potential return on investment for venues, bands, touring productions and rental companies alike.

All of the full range FA Portable Series cabinets are fully self-contained, featuring on-board state of the art amplification and DSP from Powersoft.


Prod Photo, FA12ac_Two_ViewThe FA12ac and FA15ac feature single 12″ and 15″ neodymium co-axial transducers respectively. Cabinets feature pole mount sockets, as well as a choice of 40° or 55° rear angle, allowing for optimal use as a floor monitor at a wide range of distances.


Prod Photo, FA28ac_Three_ViewThe FA28ac and FA22ac bring 3-way performance to the FA Portable range, with a choice of dual 8″ or dual 12″ transducers respectively. Like the FA12ac and FA15ac, the FA28ac and FA22ac offer a choice of floor monitor angles as well as pole mount sockets and the option for fitment of alternative mounting hardware.

All self-powered FA Portable cabinets may be fully configured and monitored over Ethernet, and presets for common configurations can be selected from the back panel without the need for a computer connection.

TS Series subwoofers combine prodigious output with minimal footprint, enabling them to provide concert-level impact in situations where normal touring subwoofers would simply be too large.

Prod Photo, TS215

The range begins with the dual 12″ TS212 but, as is always the case with Fulcrum, a compromise in size does not mean a compromise in performance. The TS212 features premium neodymium transducers with 4″ voice coils and innovative low turbulence ports.

The TS215 ups the ante to dual 15″ neodymium transducers with 4.5″ voice coils, more than doubling the power handling of the TS212. For ultimate flexibility, the TS215 is also available with onboard DSP and amplification from Italian manufacturer Powersoft as the TS215ac.

For the ultimate in gut-churning impact and solid musicality in a compact package, the TS221 steps up to dual 21″ neodymium transducers, with exceptionally rigid cones and 6″ voice coils. The massive output of the TS221 matches that of 2-3 conventional dual 18″ subwoofers, making it efficient both when deployed within a venue and when being transported between shows.