Evo-Solet (Coming Soon!!)


Evo-Solet defines a new market segment in professional audio, offering concert-level output with beamforming capability, in a package so compact and understated that it can easily be installed in a proscenium arch or a column recess without significant visual intrusion.

Like other steerable CVS loudspeakers, Evo-Solet possesses enormous DSP capability, allowing up to 6 independent beams to be formed, each with a user-selectable acoustic centre.

However, Evo-Solet takes performance to a new level, with up to 137dB peak output from the full-range S-1065 cabinet with its 4 x 6.5″ neodymium woofers and 10 x 0.65″ horn-loaded compression drivers.

The system is scalable (up to 18 pieces in a single column) and has a companion dual 12″ subwoofer for applications requiring additional low frequency impact.

Like all CVS products, operation is straightforward using the proprietary Evo-Beamguider software, which has extensive auto-setup functionality as well as full manual control. Results may be exported to EASE or CATT-Acoustic for further analysis.

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