Evo-PBS is the premium range of steerable column loudspeakers from CVS.

Like the Evo-LAB 2.0, Evo-PBS also benefits from AES or analogue inputs, optional Dante board for networked deployment and onboard preset storage with remote recall.

Evo-PBS extends performance even further by the use of discrete tweeters in addition to the 4″ woofers, and the linear transducer spacing in combination with the advanced CVS beamforming algorithm allows for the creation of up to 6 independent beams, each with a user-selectable acoustic centre.

Evo-PBS is a modular system based around the 1m Evo-PBS 1000 module, containing 8 neodymium woofers and 16 soft-dome tweeters. Modules may be linked together up to a maximum of 10 units in a single column, allowing for high SPL and very precise pattern control, even down to the lowest frequencies.

Like all CVS products, operation is straightforward using the proprietary Evo-Beamguider software, which has extensive auto-setup functionality as well as full manual control. Results may be exported to EASE or CATT-Acoustic for further analysis.

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