Evo-LAB 2.0

Evo-LAB 2.0 from CVS represents the entry point into the steerable CVS product lines.

Despite the entry-level value proposition, the logarithmic spacing of the 4″ neodymium full-range transducers and 2m column length provide Evo-LAB 2.0 with exceptional performance, particularly throughout the primary vocal range.

Evo-LAB 2.0 offers a full featureset, including analogue or AES inputs with selectable priority, optional Dante board for networked installation, local preset storage with remote recall and up to 6 beams from the advanced CVS beamforming algorithm.

Like all CVS products, operation is straightforward using the proprietary Evo-Beamguider software, which has extensive auto-setup functionality as well as full manual control. Results may be exported to EASE or CATT-Acoustic for further analysis.

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