Clearvoice Systems is a German company, based near Cologne. CVS was formed in 2008, but the family system integration business behind CVS has been in existence for over 60 years, and enjoys an enviable reputation for high quality installations in churches and other acoustically difficult spaces.

With modern advances in beamsteering technology, they were unable to find a product that met their high standards for intelligibility and fidelity, and so the decision was taken to develop a product in-house. The result of this development process was a range of products and a proprietary algorithm that offered a combination of performance, ease of use and value that could stand at the forefront of beamforming technology, and the CVS brand was formed to offer this technology globally.

The CVS Evo loudspeakers use state-of-the-art filters combined with expert implementation and robust acoustic design to deliver demonstrably superior intelligibility in critical projects.

The bottom line: With an impressive list of reference installations in prominent, acoustically challenging venues across mainland Europe, CVS is now experiencing solid growth in international territories across the world. Their quality and performance speak for themselves.

Products include:

Evo-LAB 2.0: This column has a length of just under 2m, and contains 8 logarithmically-spaced drivers for optimal pattern control. An Evo-LAB 2.0 typically provides speech reproduction at distances up to around 25m in moderately reverberant environments.

Evo-PBS: This is a modular column system that can be extended up to almost 10m tall. Each 1m Evo-PBS1000 module contains 8 woofers and 16 HF drivers for ultimate fidelity and intelligibility. This premium system can produce high SPL and delivers exceptional intelligibility, even in the most challenging acoustic conditions.

Evo-Solet (preliminary): Evo-Solet takes beamforming to concert SPLs. With a combination of (4) 6.5″ woofers and (10) ultra-small-format compression drivers in each cabinet, a single module can achieve up to 137dB peak, making this an amazingly versatile and discrete system for portable or installation use. Evo-Solet has an accompanying dual 12″ flyable subwoofer for applications that require high power and control with output down to 40Hz.