C Series – Cinema as you’ve never heard it before!

The cinema market is on the brink of a new era; the digitalisation of media has now also entered the cinema experience. The long-awaited Digital Cinema “non-compressed” audio standard brings new opportunities, but in order to meet the intentions of the standard, new thinking is required.


CR1 represents the entry point into the Alcons cinema world, yet still offers a three way listening experience from a 12″ woofer, a 6.5″ midrange cone and the legendary RBN401 pro-ribbon HF driver, which can be adjusted for precise projection. Thoughtful features abound in the CR1, with side-mounted connectors for ease of access, exceptionally shallow 18cm / 7″ cabinet depth and optional front-venting (in case the enclosure is soffit-mounted). The cabinet is driven from a single amplifier channel for economical operation.



CR2 builds on the performance of the CR1 with an upgrade to a 15″ woofer, dual 8″ midrange cones and an RBN601 pro-ribbon HF driver. Despite a significant increase in low frequency extension and total SPL capability,CR2 still manages to retain all the mounting flexibility of the CR1, as well a remarkably shallow cabinet depth of only 25cm / 10″.



CR3 takes pro-ribbon performance to larger theatres (up to approx 350 seats), offering a combination of dual 15″ woofers, dual waveguide-loaded 6.5″ midrange cones and dual RBN401 pro-ribbon HF drivers. The MF / HF waveguide is adjustable to ensure optimal coverage, while the system depth is again kept to an absolute minimum of only 35cm / 13.7″.


Designed for theatres with a capacity of  around 3-500, the CR4 utilises dual 15″ woofers, quad 6.5″ midrange cones and triple RBN401 pro-ribbon HF drivers in a pseudo-line-source in order to maximise impact and presence throughout the larger auditoria. The system can be bi-amplified to minimise amplification cost, and, like the CR3, still retains a mounting depth of only 35cm / 13.7″



The CRA24 Cinemarray™ line brings a step change in Digital Cinema performance by offering a scalable line array solution with a choice of vertical directivity patterns. Each CRA24 unit boasts a pair of 12″ woofers, a pair of 6.5″ midrange cones and a pair of RBN401 pro-ribbon HF drivers within an enclosure depth of only 31.7cm / 12.5″. The narrow coverage CRA24N (with a 20 degree vertical coverage) increases SPL, and presence for the seats furthest from the screen, while the CRA24W (30 degree vertical) features wider vertical coverage for coverage of seats closer to the screen.



The CRA30 Cinemarray™ line represents the current pinnacle of Digital Cinema screen systems for large, premium theatres. Three of the RBN401 pro-ribbon HF drivers deliver clear, natural and open sound at all listening levels with their 2400W peak power handling and ultra-low distortion. Like the CRA24 series, the CRA30 is available as narrow 20 degree vertical (CRA30N ) or wider 30 degree vertical (CRA30W) variant.


CRMS – “Cinema Reference Monitor System” – the name really says it all! This range, consisting of the CRMS Compact screen system and CRMSC-SR surround, plus the CRMS Mkii and CRMS-SR surround offers the most natural Digital Cinema and HD Audio reproduction available today and as such is ideally suited to screening rooms, dubbing stages, post-production studios and high-end home theatres.


The CSS3 represents the most cost-effective path to multi-channel surround, featuring a very high quality “hi-fi grade” 6.5″ woofer and a 1″ soft dome tweeter within a compact cabinet which has a 15 degree slanted baffle, making it ideal for small rooms. Integrated passive filtering and 16 ohm impedance maximises system value and deployment flexibility.


The CCS Series of surround speakers offers co-axial compression driver technology for high SPL coupled with excellent off-axis consistency. Three sizes are available – a 6″/1″ combination (CCS6), an 8″/1″ (CCS8S) and a 12″/2″ (CCS1S). Each model is available with a slanted baffle for wall-mounting, or as a shallow, flat-fronted version for ceiling installation.


The CRS Series of surround speakers offers the ultimate in fidelity and tonal matching with main screen systems by offering a combination of a high performance woofer and a an RBN pro-ribbon HF driver in a compact cabinet with slanted baffle. There are three base models in the series – the CRS8 with 8″ woofer / RBN401, the CRS12 with 12″ woofer / RBN401 and the CRS12GT, with 12″ woofer and RBN601 HF for increased power and projection. The CRS12GT is also available with a narrower 60 degree horizontal dispersion for even greater power and projection.


Alcons has also met the demands of the LFE channels, with a range of cinemas-specific subwoofers. The CB range of Digital Cinema subwoofers begins with the CB151SL, which achieves response down to 19Hz (-10dB) within a cabinet depth of less than 22cm! The CB181SL extends the same slimline format into an 18″ package with a mounting depth of 27.5cm, while the 33cm-deep CB211SL steps up to a 21″, 4.5″ voice coil driver. All of the slimline subwoofers can be ordered as an “FV” variant (front-vented) for flush in-wall mounting. Alcons also offers the dual 18″ CB362 in a conventional cuboid form factor for installation below the screen in commercial theatres.