Dutch company Alcons Audio was founded in 2002 and is based just outside the picturesque town of Hoorn.

The company’s products boast exceptional audio quality and reliability, not least through the use of their signature Pro Ribbon driver technology.

Unlike traditional hi-fi ribbons, which are known for transparency and fragility in equal measure, the Alcons Pro Ribbon uses a dual magnet structure with a flattened voice coil across an extremely lightweight flat diaphragm, resulting in the superb transient response for which ribbons are renowned, coupled with high power handling and extreme robustness.

In order to maximise audio quality, Alcons products use dedicated Sentinel amplifiers which offer reference-standard fidelity along with comprehensive features such as network control, digital inputs and Signal Integrity Sensing for tight speaker control even over long cable runs.

The bottom line: The Pro Ribbon driver offers an unparalleled listening experience and also performs in line array applications without the need for the “horn plumbing” required by other systems. Call us to learn more about what Alcons can do for you.

Alcons Audio products are designed and built in the Netherlands.

Products include:

The ALC Series: All Alcons products (except the T series) must be powered by Alcons ALC Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controllers. ALC Sentinel amplifiers deliver industry-leading protection via signal integrity sensing, as well as true audiophile-grade sound quality.

The B Series: Bass enclosures from 15″ to 21″, including flyable and cardioid options.

The C Series: Dedicated cinema screen and surround systems performing in some of the world’s most prestigious and demanding residences and screening rooms.

The L Series: The mainstay of the Alcons Pro Ribbon range offering line-array systems in all sizes from the diminutive LR7 weighing in at only 8kgs, through to the stunning LR28 arena / festival system.

The Q Series: A modular column system available in both portable and installation configurations which delivers an extremely narrow vertical beam of sound at concert-level SPL thanks to the use of large-format 12″ or 18″ Pro Ribbon drivers.

The R Series: A modular point-source Pro Ribbon system for creating lobe-free tight-packed arrays.

The S Series: An ultra-low-profile infill monitor with Pro Ribbon HF driver, perfect for integration with L, Q or R series systems as under-balcony or stage-lip fill.

The T Series: A range of compact, low profile monitor speakers with soft dome tweeter.

The V Series: Traditional point-source Pro Ribbon-based loudspeakers with a choice of dispersions and sizes. The V series can also be ordered as matched pair of handed floor monitors.